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Subaru engine.
Chayair spent two years on research into the Subaru engine range. We tried and tested several models. The engine of choice is most certainly the Subaru EJ 2.5. It is a liquid cooled, four cylinder, four stroke, normally aspirated engine which delivers 160 HP. This is a very reliable, high thrust power plant.
Customers will have a choice between the Subaru EJ 2.5 and Rotax 914 F2.

Aluminium Rotor blades
Chayair made the strategic decision to use these blades on all new Sycamores due to:
High strength and endurance
The material used in these rotors are all Aluminium.
Subsequently, these rotors are the toughest and strongest rotors in production.

Some of these rotor sets have clocked up in excess of 2500 hours in Outback Australia for purposes such as mustering cattle, sheep, goats and horses. The aluminium rotors are the preferred rotor for these extreme and severe maneuvering conditions.

Better lift and smoothness of operation
In the words of testpilot Gary Butlion:
“The new 33 foot rotors far exeeded my expectation. Take off run is much shorter due to the rotor spinning up much quicker.(distance is almost half).
Climb results with 2.5 Subaru with 3 blade Ivo Prop are:
2 up - (86Kg + 110Kg + 30L fuel) = 800 feet/minute;
1 up - (86Kg + 30L fuel) = 1 100 feet/minute;
Cruise speed is 85 Mph at sea level. There is no stick shake at all. The Subaru EJ 2.5 engine is extremely smooth and quiet. The power is phenomenal. The combination of rotor and 2.5 Subaru has changed the performance of the Sycamore completely. It is an absolute pleasure to fly and is extremely forgiving in all flight parameters. Slow flight is a pleasure. 25Mph - just add power and climb, no need to get the nose down to build up speed;




Sycamore Mk1 with Subaru engine.




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